Karonga chiefs demand transparency from MP

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Traditional Authorities in Karonga through Ngerenge Area Development Committee (ADC) have summoned their legislator, Vincent Ghambi of Karonga North Constituency to enlighten them on how he utilised the constituency development funds for the past three years.

According to Ngerenge ADC Chairperson, Nelson Mwakisulu, the Member of Parliament (MP) has never been transparent to his electorates since 2014 when he was voted into office.

Mwakisulu said Ghambi has been utilizing the CDF alone without involving the ADC a scenario which has turned their relationship with him to be sour as most of the development projects have been stalled ant others not been implemented at all while on paper it is indicated that the developments have been completed.

The Chiefs and the ADC have raised this concern following the defection of the said MP from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to the newly formed United Transformation Movement (UTM).

In his official statement to media when he was joining UTM, Ghambi said he decided to join the movement because he has been ill-treated by the DPP in various ways besides working for it for ten solid years.

“I’m quitting DPP because they have not treated me well for the past ten years though I have served the party well. For this reason my supporters have asked me to join UTM so that I continue working for them,” said Ghambi.

However, Chiefs in the district particularly in Karonga North Constituency quoted him that he said chiefs instructed him to quit DPP for UTM which angered them and called for an apology.

“As Chiefs, we have no mandate to ask any politician to join or quit any political party because we are non-partisan but we work with the government of the day so what Ghambi has done is totally wrong and he must apologise,” said T/A Kilupula.

Concurring with Kilupula, Group Village Headman Mwangomba said what they want is that the MP must meet the chiefs and the ADC to give an account of where the CDF is.






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