Thugs petrol-bomb CHRR offices in Lilongwe

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Thugs have bombed offices of the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation-CHRR in Lilongwe using petrol, last night.

CHRR Programs Manager Patson Gondwe has confirmed the development to Capital FM.

The CHRR Programs Manager disclosed that around 18:30pm on Thursday they got information that that thugs had broken into their offices.

The thugs demanded the guard to direct them to the residence of Timothy Mtambo, who is the Executive Director of the organization.

“Since the guard told the thugs that he did not know where Mtambo lives, the thugs manhandled him, and beat him severely”, Gondwe explained.

The guard was sent to Lingadzi Police in area 18 police to make a statement and thereafter to area 18 Health Centre for treatment.

“At around 23:00 hours, we then got reports that same people came and threw petrol bombs,” Gondwe added.

The bombs did not cause any damage in the building housing the offices.

Some of the things that were found

Mtambo has been making headlines for criticizing the governing Democratic Progressive Party’s alleged involvement in corrupt practices.

Currently Mtambo together with another activist Charles Kajoloweka of Youth and Society have been in and out of the courts to push for the freezing of the account of Pioneer investment a company embroiled in a police food rations scandal where President Mutharika is being implicated.

Gondwe told Capital FM that there are bottles with petrol and a hanging cloth partly burned and dark ashes by the entrance of their office premises where another petrol bomb was thrown.

Gondwe added that “the guard has head injuries, and his teeth displaced and is seeking medical attention. He has been severely injured that he cannot manage to work.”

The police came and inspected the place.

“Since we have reported to the police we are hopeful that they will do thorough investigation.”  Gondwe said

But the CHRR maintains that if these were threats to their advocacy for criticizing government and the ruling DPP, they are not intimidated and will carry on with their advocacy.



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