Govt lacking seriousness in fighting corruption – PAC

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The government continues to come under heavy criticism for what is described as a laissez Faire attitude in its handling of corruption issues.

According to the Chairperson of the Public Affairs Committee Felix Chingota, the government seems to be paying a deaf ear to suggestions by the Civil Society and the other partners on how best to tackle corruption in the country.

Asked whether or not there is seriousness in the Government’s handling of corruption issues, Chingota replied,

“We have serious doubts , take the example of the of the Chaponda issue, the Maize,  two commissions of inquiry raised doubts about his behaviours and then the ACB took the issue to court and the court…clearing Chaponda as if there was nothing.”

Chingota said they feel the case of former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda was handled suspiciously.

The acquittal of Chaponda angered most people in the country, including Civil Society Leaders, who blamed the Anti-Corruption Bureau for presenting what they described as weak arguments.

Chaponda was charged with three counts, of Possession of foreign currency, giving false information to the bureau and attempting to influence a public officer.

“Corruption and abuse of state resources have reached shocking levels to the extent that the public generally agrees that the Country has lost its vision’’ adds Chingota.

Reports of abuse of funds also came out during parliamentary cluster meetings, when various Government Ministries and Departments appeared before Parliamentary Committees.

Similar reports have also been reported in Malawi Missions abroad.

Corruption has at times cost Malawi a lot in terms of accessing international aid, projects and grants.

Other corporation partners such as the IMF, MCC have often used it as a condition in giving support, a development which is supposed to assist Capital Hill in stepping up its efforts to combat the vice.

However, the PAC Chair stressed that “we don’t feel, we don’t think that the Government is taking issues of corruption seriously.”

As it stand most large scale corruption cases involving influential and public personalities are still hanging in court with few, where convictions have been made.




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