DPP returns controversial “gift”

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The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is assuring the public that it has returned the controversial MK145 million to Pioneer Investments Limited.

President Mutharika was implicated in a corruption scandal, in which Zameer Karim of Pioneer Investments deposited MK145 million into the account of the Democratic Progressive Party.

President Peter Mutharika, being the sole signatory of the account, withdrew 65 million Kwacha from the total amount deposited.

This is believed to be part of MK2.8 billion which Karim received from the government for supplying food rations to the Malawi Police Service (MPS).

Critics describe the whole transaction as being corrupt in nature, with CSO leaders piling pressure on the President to either resign or risk being impeached.

This week the party announced that it will return the money.

“We have returned the money to Zameer Karim of Pioneer Investments who made the donation to the DPP,” said the government Spokesperson Nicholas Dausi.

‘’I cannot take further questions on this issue as it is currently in court,” Dausi added.

Speaking to Capital FM, Martha Kaukonde Malawi Law Society Secretary emphasizes that the money should have been returned to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

“Why should the DPP return the money to Pioneer Investments, the money was supposed to be submitted to the ACB, we hope the bureau will ensure that those involved are taken to task.

Associate Professor of Law at the Chancellor College Edge Kanyongolo however notes that returning the money does not eradicate the offense.

“There isn’t much significance in returning the money.I’m interested to know on whether they made any effort to establish the source of the money when it was deposited into the account,” Kanyongolo added.

This is the first major scandal implicating President Mutharika since he came into office in 2014.


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