Bengolnet wants to buy MTL – Capital Radio Malawi
17 July, 2024

Targeted -MTL

A local tele-construction company, Bengolnet Limited, is interested in taking over the Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL).

Bengolnet Limited plans to invest a minimum of $51 million (K88.4 billion) in MTL to bridge the digital gap and boost internet connectivity in Malawi.

The company’s project manager Dixon Daelo says: “We are very match interested in trying to bring life to MTL. So, if we are given an opportunity whether supported by the current shareholders (the government), we are looking at bridging the digital gap.

“MTL has infrastructure which is just idle and we can leverage on that to be able to bring to life and interconnect the country. We are ready for that.”

Bengolnet was registered in the country in 2022 and has so far connected fibre optic cables in 18 districts as well as connecting internet in government offices and schools.

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