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17 July, 2024

Deaf community receives vital safety training in Blantyre

Intersaf Limited instructors demonstrating safety

In response to a significant demand, Tikonze Apapa, a disability rights advocacy group, has collaborated with Intersaf Limited to provide comprehensive safety training for individuals with deaf disabilities.

The two-day session, held on June 27-28, aimed to empower students with essential skills and knowledge on safety, prevention, and swift response to fire accidents in various settings.

According to Marie Mwambongo, assistant communications manager, such training is crucial for ensuring the safety and protection of lives and property of people with disabilities, including the deaf community.

“These sessions equip individuals with vital skills on how to handle fire accidents and protect themselves in case of emergencies in their homes,” she explained.

The training delved into the different categories of fire accidents, including Class A (organic solids), Class B (flammable liquids), Class C (flammable gases), and Class D (burning metals).

The organization hopes that the trained individuals will spread the knowledge they gained to their community members, creating a ripple effect of safety awareness.

Tikonze Apapa’s initiative goes beyond the deaf community, aiming to create a safer and more informed society for all.

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