Muloza-Chiringa road in poor condition; women, elderly affected – Capital Radio Malawi
21 July, 2024

Muloza-Chiringa road in poor condition; women, elderly affected

Member of Parliament for Mulanje Limburi, Daudi Chida, has raised serious concerns about the deteriorating condition of the 90-kilometer Muloza–Chiringa road.

This critical piece of infrastructure, severely damaged by Cyclone Gombe last year, remains impassable despite the passage of time.

Chida highlighted that the continued neglect of this road is severely impacting the daily lives of hundreds of women, children and the elderly in the region.

The damaged road has made it exceedingly difficult for these vulnerable groups to access essential services, including health facilities.

“It’s a dire situation,” Chida remarked, emphasizing the urgent need for repairs.

Efforts to restore the road have been unsuccessful, even though K2 billion was allocated in the recently passed budget.

“Unfortunately, these funds were designated solely for renovating bridges, not for the actual road itself. As a result, the community continues to suffer, with women and the elderly bearing the brunt of the hardships caused by the deteriorated road conditions,” Chida clarified.

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