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25 July, 2024

Kwanza Cocoa for expanded investment in Malawi’s cocoa industry

Malawi’s only chocolate producer, Kwanza Cocoa, has called for expanded investment in the cocoa industry.

The call comes as global demand for chocolate continues to rise, while Malawi’s cocoa exports remain at a modest level.

Kwanza Cocoa sees significant potential for expansion and economic development through increased participation in the cocoa value chain.

According to the company’s chief executive officer Wezi Mzumara, despite being a relatively small player in the global chocolate market, with Africa contributing only 8% to the $113 billion industry, Malawi boasts unique opportunities for cocoa cultivation.

“Malawi’s climate and vast arable land present a significant opportunity for cocoa farming. Currently, our cocoa exports stand at just 12 tonnes, but with the right investment, we can greatly increase this output,” Mzumara said.

Kwanza Cocoa, founded as a family venture around 2010/2011, has steadily grown from its modest beginnings to become a key player in Malawi’s chocolate production landscape.

“We are committed to working closely with local farmers to boost cocoa production. By investing in local talent and infrastructure, we can elevate Malawi’s position in the global cocoa industry,” she said.

The company has implemented programmes aimed at training and supporting women and young people in cocoa farming and chocolate production, aligning with several UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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