Haiti vows to restore order with Kenya-led force’s help – Capital Radio Malawi
17 July, 2024

Haiti vows to restore order with Kenya-led force’s help

Haiti’s interim Prime Minister Garry Conille has vowed to end lawlessness with the help of a Kenyan-led international force deployed to the Caribbean nation.

The arrival of 400 Kenyan police officers, in the first tranche of an international force, was a “unique opportunity” to restore order, Mr Conille said.

“I want no-one to doubt the purpose of the mission. The state will regain power and reaffirm its authority so all Haitians can live peacefully in this country,” he said.

Rocked by decades of instability, the Caribbean nation has seen an escalation of violence following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse three years ago.

US President Joe Biden also welcomed the deployment, saying the Kenyan-led mission offered the “best chance” to achieve democratic governance in Haiti.

But there is fierce opposition in Kenya to the deployment – not least because police are accused of brutality in their own country, the latest example being the fatal shooting of protesters in the capital, Nairobi, on Tuesday.

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