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17 July, 2024

CS-EPWP can boost agriculture production, participants say

Participants in the Climate Smart Enhanced Public Works Programme (CS-EPWP) have touted the programme for improving their agricultural produce.

According to the participants, through the support, they are able to buy fertilizer and other inputs that are used in their crop fields.

One of the participants in Linjidzi Catchment in Zomba, Chrissy Gefrey said she used the money she received from the programme to buy fertilizer which has helped in increasing her yield.

She said compared to other years in the past, this year she has harvested 20 bags of maize which would take her household through to the next growing season.

Apart from maize, Gefrey said she has cultivated tomatoes and vegetables, which, she was selling to improve her income.

“I have been able to support my five grandchildren with all their education needs. So long as this programme continues, I expect to do more and see my life improved,” she said.

A Youthful beneficiary in the programme, Dennis Kayola said unlike in the past, his yield has tremendously improved.

“By working in the programme, I have been able to buy all what is required in my crop fields and my agricultural produce has increased,” he said.

Kayola appealed to government to continue implementing social protection programmes that strive to enhance people’s livelihoods.

CS-EPWP Desk officer for Zomba, Chimwemwe Chimbadza said it was exciting to see people utilizing proceeds from the programme to improve their livelihood.

She said this affirms the whole purpose of the programme.

“The whole reason of having this programme is to improve economic livelihoods of rural poor. The success stories from beneficiaries is a big encouragement,” Chimbadza added.

The Government of Malawi is implementing the Climate Smart Enhanced Public Works Programme, a sub programme under social support for resilient livelihoods project.

The Programme focuses on integrated watershed management covering sub-projects such as land resources management, re-afforestation, natural regeneration and sustainable livelihood.

 At least 18,000 households are participating in the programme in Zomba.

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