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25 July, 2024

Creative Centre for Community Mobilisation (CRECCOM) in Mulanje has provided training to mother groups, from 12 education zones, in psychosocial support in a bid to promote girls’ education in the district.

The initiative is being implemented in conjuction with the Girls Get Equal Project (GGE) under Nzotheka Project in Mulanje.

Programmes Officer for GGE in Mulanje, Lilian Manda, said the training involved various school management committees from each zone on an understanding that they complement each other in promoting girl child education and provide psychosocial support to girls in their respective working areas.

“Girls face various challenges that affect them in their education. Psychological problems have  also been noted as one of the key factors that hinder them from excelling with education; hence, the initiative,” she said.

Manda said after completion of the training in the district, mother groups will be able to support the girls psychologically.

Maveya Primary School Headteacher, Maggie Mwakawanga, hailed the support provided by the project, saying many girls face abuse in their respective homes.

She said the initiative will help them know psychological problems thereby addressing them since they have been trained.

“The training will help us as school management to fully provide support to our young girls together with mother groups as far as girl child education promotion is concerned and the initiative will help us know what kind of support to be rendered to our girls,” she said.

One of the mother group trainees from Songwe Primary School, Agnes Masengo, said the training has equipped her with new knowledge on how they can assist girls in the communities hence helping girls to excel in their education.

“With the expertise we have gained throughout the training, we will be able to trace girls with psychological problems and provide proper counseling,” she said.

Masengo assured that the mother groups will engage parents in respective communities and encourage them to provide necessary support to their children.

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