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21 July, 2024

KFW, German Embassy appreciate ‘Mtukula Pakhomo’

Deputy Head of Cooperation at the German Embassy, Susanne Meltl has expressed satisfaction with the progress Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programme known as ‘Mtukula Pakhomo’ which has helped local communities.

A delegation from KFW and German Embassy on Thursday visited Mchinji district to appreciate the progress of the programme.

She said that, “Social protection is dear to our hearts as it is uplifting poor households. We are very happy to be part of the support of this programme in the country.”

Meltl said she was happy with what the beneficiaries are doing with the money they receive.

“I am impressed because the cash transfers have improved the living standards of the people in terms of nutrition and food security, and also education for the children,” she said.

Director of Administration in the Ministry of Gender, Ben M’bwana pointed out that the programme was crucial role in enhancing households’ resilience.

“The SCT programme has been important in helping households deal with shocks. Different disasters have affected the country and households have been able to deal with the impact because of the money transfers they receive,” he said, citing examples of disasters like tropical cyclones.

One of the beneficiaries from Ntonya Village in Traditional Authority (TA) Mavwere, Grace Lufeyo said that the programme has improved her life by roofing her house with iron sheets, yielding enough maize for food and has goats, all these coming from the cash transfers she gets.

In Mchinji, 10, 372 households are expected to receive their first transfers through manual payment for six months from October 2023 to July 2024.

A Final manual payment for April to July 2024 will be made before the district transitions to electronic payment. The SCT programme aims to uplift ultra-poor and labour-constrained households through direct unconditional financial assistance, and in Mchinji and other seven districts the programme receives support from KFW.

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