MBS calibrates equipment at Nkhata Bay Hospital – Capital Radio Malawi
21 July, 2024

MBS calibrates equipment at Nkhata Bay Hospital

In a bid to promote good health, Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) on Thursday calibrated some medical equipment at Nkhata Bay District Hospital to ensure accuracy of the equipment.

In an interview, MBS Acting Director of Metrology Services Dr. Stephen Chalimba said the exercise is important as it ensures that medical equipment measurements are accurate, thereby assisting in diagnosing illness and administering right medication.

“We would like to ensure that measurements are traceable and the equipment being used is accurate for the goodness of everyone’s health,” Chalimba said.

Principal Health Services Administrator for Nkhatabay District Hospital, Madalitso Msolola, commended MBS for inspecting and calibrating the equipment at the hospital.

“We have noted that there is need to ensure our annual budget incorporates resources that will be maintaining faulty equipment.

“Previously, we did not have partner to help us in getting our equipment and measuring instruments up to standard, so your intervention is of paramount importance,” said Msolola.

He then said that the facility’s maintenance team will continue identifying faulty equipment areas and, if necessary, source expertise to electrify such problems.

Some of the equipment which was calibrated included body composition scales, sphygmomanometer, thermometers and gas cylinders.

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