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29 May, 2024

Chipeta draws battleline against death

Singing against death -Chipeta

A budding local reggae artist who goes by the name Ulemu Chipeta from Mzuzu City has waged war on death in his new song titled Tiigende Imfa meaning ‘let us stone death’.

In the emotional song, Chipeta reminisces the tragic passing of both his parents – rendering him and his siblings as orphans at a very young age.

He opened up to Capital FM Online saying he personally suffered from losing his parents at a younger age, a situation that inspired the song.

He said: “We were not prepared for such a tragic incident, specifically to lose our parents. Yes, we could hear rumors of people dying and sometimes witness a neighbor in such anguish but never thought it could be us.

“The impact of death is only relatable to those who have once lost a colleague and a breadwinner. Parents are a hub where children learn values about life. Losing them is like losing an entire road map.”

Part of the verse to the song reads:

Makolo angawo anali anthu achikondi chabe (My parents were so loving)

Sindinamvepo kuti anyoza munthu (My parents lived well with people)

Inde akakwiya, amakalipa koma moleza mtima ngati simunalalatizane (They spoke soundly like nothing happened even when infuriated)

Zoti andisiya ndili mwana ine zinandiwawa (I am devasted that they died)

Kundisiya wamasiye, kundisiya opanda phewa losamila (I am orphan with no shoulder to lean on)

Chakudya chomwechi, Ngakhale zovala olo sukulu yomweyi ndaivutikila (I suffered to get food, education or even clothes)

Ndikakumbukadi ndimangolira (it breaks my heart every time I reminisce)

This is the chorus of the song:

Ndipo mbuye wanga ndikupempha mundiuzireko makolo angawo (Lord I ask you to tell my parents)

Kuwakonda sinzaleka ndizawasowabe makolo anga (I’ll never stop loving them)

Tiyeni nayoni, Tiigende imfa Isatenge wina (Lets stone death before it resurfaces to take someone among us)

Meanwhile, Chipeta has asked fellow musicians to come up with music that helps release psychological stress from listeners.

The song Tiigende Imfa is among fresh tunes enjoying airplay on Capital FM’s Mingoli Ya Chimalawi that airs from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock during week days.

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