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24 July, 2024

NGO trains sign language to assist students with hearing impairment

NGO trains sign language to assist students with hearing impairment

Tikonze Apapa, a Non Government Organisation dedicated to empower people with hearing impairment has trained six sign language interpreters in Chiradzulu to assist students with hearing impairment in vocational centres in the district for inclusive education

A refresher training for volunteer sign language interpreters took place at Chiradzulu Secondary School recently where six volunteers acquired additional skills in sign language interpretation through a project called Muchitadala.

Executive Director for Tikonze Apapa, Katiana Lafrance said limited resources is a setback that prevents Tikonze Apapa from accomplishing the project which targets students with hearing impairment across Malawi.

“The aim of this project is to support students with hearing impairment in schools across the country by providing sign language interpreters to facilitate their academic progress,” she said.

The director added that Tikonze Apapa’s ambition is to reach out to more students with hearing impairment as a way of promoting inclusive education for student with hearing impairment whom she said were mostly denied right to education.

Currently 14 students with hearing impairment will benefit from the pilot phase of the project.

“Students with hearing impairment often face challenges in understanding teachers due to communication barriers. The project will bridge the communication gap,” she added.

One of the trainees, Steve Nkhamani said the training equipped him with practical skills and knowledge directly applicable to specific career needs.

“I will be able to fill the gap between students with hearing impairment and teachers. This is in line with inclusive education policy,” he said.

Tikonze Apapa is an organisation dedicated to empowering people with hearing impairment through various initiatives including vocational training and education sponsorship in some of the districts in the country.

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