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29 May, 2024

Ministry inspires young intellectuals with disabilities

File photo courtesy of UNICEF Malawi

Youths with intellectual disabilities have been urged to have confidence and self-belief in themselves to achieve their goals.

The word of encouragement from Lucy Magagula, the deputy director of Inclusive Education in the ministry of education comes following observations that some young individuals lack self-confidence, resulting in failure to succeed in their lives.

Generally, their lack of confidence emanates from the negative experiences they face in their communities as they pursue their dreams.

Speaking during a Unified Champion Schools National Youth Summit, Magagula delivered a stirring message emphasizing the importance of self-belief in achieving one’s goals.

“We have noted that young people with disabilities lack confidence.  They underrate themselves believing they cannot achieve what people without disabilities can. Let me encourage you to never doubt yourselves, you have the same potential as everyone else. All you need to do is work hard,” she said.

“As the government, we are making sure that we promote access to equitable education. We are making deliberate efforts to ensure access to education for all. Among the efforts include minimizing entry requirements for persons with disabilities in both secondary and tertiary institutions,” assured Magagula.

Reflecting on the progress made on Inclusive Education, Magagula said the country is heading in the right direction as there is full government commitment evidenced by the strides achieved.

“For example, we are developing the Inclusive Education Policy. This is a milestone for the country because previously, we have been referring to international documents but this time around, the moment we have our policy, it means we will be able to localize our issues and comply to the same.

“Let me also indicate that there is good coordination with various partners to make sure that our learners at all levels, that is basic, secondary and tertiary level, they are fully supported and they are receiving quality education for their independence in future,” she hinted.

Jessica Tiade, Youth Leadership Manager at Special Olympics Africa, stressed the importance of inclusion.

“What we have to be aware of is that inclusion is right for all of us especially for people who do not have a chance to fight for themselves. As we all know, people with intellectual disabilities are discriminated in all sectors in the society and as Special Olympics, we believe firmly that we can change things, we can promote more inclusion and move towards that inclusive life,” Tiade said.

On his part, Past District Governor of Lions Club Multiple District 412B, Clement Ndala, who was the guest of honor at the event emphasized the need to foster a welcoming environment to sustain gains made in promoting inclusivity.

“We need to support these boys and girls by eliminating all negative aspects in communities. We need to increase inclusivity so that they feel welcomed in every field,” Ndala said.

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