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23 May, 2024

AMR makes strides in REEs exploration in Mulanje mountain

Akatswiri Mineral Resources (AMR) have completed first drilling exercise phase for Chambe Basin Rare Earths exploration project in Mulanje mountain.

The company started the exploration in 2023 in a quest to acquire detailed geological exploration activities in the Chambe basin area and Lichenya plateau in the district.

Akatswiri’s chairman Hilton Banda revealed that the purpose of the exploration program was to establish estimated size of the rare earth mineral deposit available and results, adding that the outcomes from the exploration program will determine the progress of the REE project.

If successful, mining operations for the REE will be established.

Banda said; “We completed the first phase in December and we have done the first analysis, sample preparation and we have sent the samples to Australia for further analysis whose results we anticipate to get in few weeks. From there, we will go into second phase of drilling which will lead us into other phases up to the time of establishing a mine.”

According to Banda, the project is of great economic value to Malawi as historic exploration work that was carried out on the site between 2009 and 2014 confirmed the presence of mineralised Rare Earth Oxide clays, similar to many of the larger, high-value Heavy REE mines in China.

He said; “Chambe presents a promising solution to Malawi’s foreign exchange shortages due to its swift path to the mining stage compared to other projects, thanks to its clay-hosted deposit.

“This project holds significant potential for the people of Mulanje and the nation as a whole. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is evident through initiatives like our tree planting project. As the project advances to the mining stage, the local community can expect further development projects, employment opportunities and business prospects.

“At national level, the project will contribute to the economy by generating much-needed foreign exchange through rare earth exports. These minerals are highly sought after globally, particularly for the production of electric vehicles and wind turbines, aligning with the global shift towards cleaner energy sources.”

Chambe is a large, weathered ionic adsorption clay-hosted (Ionic Clay) Rare Earth Elements (REE) project which contains kaolinitic soils which could lend itself to carrying bulk REE deposits.

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