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23 May, 2024

Financial constraints hindering youth participation in politics, observers

Concerned with low participation of youth in politics -Makuwa

Young people in the country will continue lacking behind in holding political key positions due to financial constraints, Young Politicians Union (YPU) has predicted.

YPU national director Clement Makuwa says this has almost become a syndrome that most people vote for, or need individuals with much financial resources to lead them for personal gains.

Makuwa observes that the electorate do not vote for development ideologies but material stuff which the aspirant is giving them adding that a majority of young people cannot manage such since most of them are financially unstable.

“The problem in this country is that we set standards but at the end, we do something contrary to that. The enforcement of laws on handouts of politicians in exchange for votes is not thoroughly done hence affecting young people who are economically disadvantaged,” worried Makuwa.

He suggests that as the nation is going towards the general elections next year, there is need to critically look into these matters to ensure most of the youth are on board in various political positions.

“I have also noted that the youth in the country are not committing to taking part in politics due to failure by some leaders to deliver their promises especially those that relate with the youth,” said Makuwa.

Commenting on the development is political analyst Chimwemwe Tsitsi who thinks; “It does not necessarily mean young people have no interest in politics but they wait until they have enough resources and at that time, they must have passed their youthful age which is why they must ensure they come up with innovative ideas to generate resources in their respective areas.

“I have also observed that some do not want to abandon their respective careers until they reach a retirement age or a certain age to actively take part in politics” he added.

On the other hand, Tsitsi said it is very unfortunate that majority of young people are commonly used as weapons of violence against opponents and for morale without any meaningful participation in their political parties. Low youth participation in politics has always been a talk by various groups with some suggesting means to ensure they dominate most positions as they are the majority of the population.

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