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21 April, 2024

Mpinganjira against football hooliganism

Mpinganjira: Sponsors do not like violence

Business tycoon Thomson Mpinganjira is speaking out against violence during soccer games so that football clubs maintain and secure partnerships.

The billionaire who is also Mighty Mukuru Wanderers president has warned that sponsors lose interest to a club whose supporters are hooligans.

“If supporters truly love their football clubs, they should understand that if they misbehave, that club is going to suffer in paying fines and hiring lawyers to defend their cases instead of helping players and other operations of the teams.

“Sponsors do not like too much noise and most of them end up running away if they see acts of misbehavior. Last year I would have given up sponsorship of Wanderers but being a Malawian I knew that that would have affected the club heavily. I had to stay for the love of this country,” Mpinganjira said.

Concurring with Mpinganjira, Super League of Malawi (Sulom) president Gilbert Mittawa has called on all relevant stakeholders to avoid acts of hooliganism if the game is to be revived to greater heights.

He said; “Football is business and if you have some negative externalities, people that are doing violence then obviously the sponsors will run away from the game. I therefore want to make a special appeal to fans, supporters and other stakeholders to avoid violence if we are to revive, reform and rebrand our league.”

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