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21 April, 2024

Blantyre Inland Examination Centre: Frontline against technical smuggling

Trucks captured at the Blantyre Inland Examination Centre

The establishment of Blantyre Inland Examination Centre is pivotal in Malawi’s fight against technical smuggling, Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) officials have revealed.

The centre’s station manager Moses Masina describes the facility as strategically positioned adding that it plays a crucial role in scrutinizing containers entering the country through various border posts, including Mwanza, Dedza and Songwe.

“What we basically do here is to examine containers to ensure compliance with customs and exercise law,” he said, underscoring the thorough verification process undertaken by officers upon arrival of containers.

“We have seen a surge in revenue collection since we efficiently process vital details to ensure applicable taxes are levied on each item,” he highlighted.

He also highlighted the centre’s ability to streamline operations, boasting a maximum processing time of two days under normal circumstances when the importers are duly complying with customs and exercise law.

However, Masina stressed that the fight against technical smuggling remains a challenge citing instances where individuals manipulate procurement documents to evade taxes.

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