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18 June, 2024

CAMA concerned with high cost of living

Kapito: Consumers are concerned

In commemoration of World Consumer Rights Day, the Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) has highlighted the adverse effects of the high cost of living on consumers in the country.

Under the theme “The Effects of High Cost of Living on Consumers,” CAMA executive director John Kapito has drawn attention to several pressing issues faced by consumers across various sectors in Malawi.

One of the primary concerns raised is the escalating food inflation, particularly for maize, Malawi’s staple food.

According to Kapito, these soaring prices have led to increased inflation rates, making it challenging for many consumers to afford basic necessities.

He stated; “Consumers continue witnessing rising food prices which have a trigger effect on high inflation thereby exacerbating the high cost of living. Most food prices especially maize which is a major staple food is scarce but sold at prices that are unaffordable to the majority of consumers, this has negatively undermined the right to food.

“Consumers are concerned with such level of negligence by the government which has a huge cost on their livelihoods and negatively affecting their right to food. We are therefore appealing to the government to ensure that the right to food is protected all times.

“CAMA is urging the government to take immediate action to protect consumers’ right to food by implementing measures to stabilize prices and ensure affordability.”

CAMA has also expressed alarm over the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in Malawi citing that shortages of essential medicines and poor infrastructure in health facilities are impeding consumers’ access to healthcare, thereby violating their right to health.

Therefore, the association is calling on the government to prioritize investments in the healthcare sector to address these critical deficiencies stating; “We are appealing and holding Government accountable for its failure to respect the right to health care and we appeal to Government to ensure that our hospitals are adequately providing better healthcare.”

Meanwhile, CAMA is calling on the government to implement policies aimed at alleviating the burden on consumers, particularly the most vulnerable segments of society.

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