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24 July, 2024

NBM applauds digital success in ‘Popanda Chifukwa Promotion’

NBM Cards Acquiring and Merchant Services Manager David Tamula,

The National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Plc. is expressing satisfaction with the progress achieved in leveraging its digital platforms

David Tamula, the bank’s Cards Acquiring and Merchant Services Manager conveyed this satisfaction during the second draw of the Popanda Chifukwa Promotion in Mzuzu.

NBM is presently running this promotion, offering customers using digital platforms like Point of Sale (POS) and MOPAY the opportunity to win various cash and non-cash prizes.

Addressing journalists post-draw, Tamula shared insights into the promotion’s success, highlighting a notable surge in transactions.

“The response has been quite massive; we are very impressed. As you would understand especially for January and February, traditionally they are low-tied months when people are not doing as many transactions,” Tambula said.

He added: “However, because there is an added incentive, that is if they make their purchases they have a chance to win something, the response has been something that we can write home about. Transactions are way over what we are used to having at this time of the year.”

Encouraged by the remarkable progress, Tamula expressed optimism that the ongoing Popanda Chifukwa Promotion will significantly contribute to the transition from cash-based transactions to digital methods.

“As you would understand the government is having this initiative where we have to make this a cashless society. There are so many benefits out of it, you don’t have to walk around with cash and it is far more efficient,” Tamula said.

“So we are trying to assist the government in that endeavor as a very good corporate citizen. We are seeing that customers are warming up to it, it is now much easier for customers to conduct their transactions, they don’t have to queue twice they just have to go where we have our Point of Sale and make their payment,” he added.

During the draw, 30 customers received a 50 percent Cashback on their purchases, three customers each won K150,000 cash prizes while several other customers won various instant prizes.

Serah Moyo, one of the fortunate winners, expressed excitement and urged fellow Malawians to embrace digital methods, citing the ease and security of using digital transactions over carrying cash.

Moyo said: “I am so excited, and I am urging my fellow Malawians to use the card. It is easier to carry a card than to carry cash because someone can even steal your cash, but if you have a card it is just okay.”

Launched in December with a total prize pool of K60.8 million, the Popanda Chifukwa Promotion serves as a gesture of gratitude toward customers for their loyalty and unwavering support across the bank’s products.

Customers conducting transactions exceeding K20,000 on POS and MOPAY automatically enter a draw and stand a chance to win various prizes.

Monthly prizes include K150,000 cash for three lucky winners, 50 percent Cashback on purchases for 30 customers, and other NBM-branded prizes.

The culmination of the promotion in April will see 10 customers each receiving K300,000, while four grand winners will be awarded K1.5 million.

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