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14 April, 2024

ECM takes Chakwera to task over ‘poor governance’

The ECM Bishops have issued a letter

The Roman Catholic Church is predicting serious socioeconomic challenges in the country in a strong worded pastoral letter released today.

The Church through the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) fears the challenges will continue if the Lazarus Chakwera led Tonse Alliance fails to change the way of handling matters.

The Bishops observe that the challenges being faced by Malawi are as a result of Chakwera’s negligence and a serious lack of credible and visionary leadership in the country.

In their 14 paged letter to the church, the Catholic bishops have described as fruitless the meetings which they have been having with Chakwera arguing they are not seeing any positive change in the general governance of the country or any improvement in the plight of the disadvantaged citizenry.

Among other issues, the bishops are also raising serious concerns on lack of seriousness to end corruption, victimization of elderly people on accusations of practicing witchcraft, fights emanating from political and religious differences as well as loopholes in the judicial system due to lack of a law that regulates the judges.

“In spite of all the excitement that the Tonse Government would lead Malawians to the promised land, only four years later, to the disappointment of all except the few well-connected people, Malawi has ended up at Bagamoyo – a city on the east coast of Tanzania, which when a slave arrived there he or she lost all hope of being free again. Instead of reaching the promised land of prosperity we are bogged down in the same land we wanted to leave, namely the land of hunger, disease, poverty, corruption and a like,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further says: “Yes, the nation has suffered from crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the disaster caused by cyclone Freddy, droughts, floods, etc. These crises have shaken systems, taken lives, uprooted whole villages and 1 wiped out livelihoods.

However, at the same time, we have witnessed a glaring failure of leadership. Leaders have resorted to being salesmen of words, with no serious attempt at keeping any promises they made to the people. In fact, rather than fulfilling any promises, they are making new ones with total disregard for accountability. Is it all just words, words, empty words?”

The Bishops have since recommended empowerment of oversight institutions to ensure independence in executing their duties and being free from political influence.

They have since asked parliament to stop politicking matters in order to objectively serve Malawians with total integrity.

Kunkuyu: We acknowledge some cited challenges

In reaction, information minister Moses Kunkuyu says the government has received the letter with appreciation, wisdom and humility.

“We acknowledge some cited challenges and remain determined to use the bishops’ wisdom to continue building on the progress the country is making. We also trust that we will continue praying for each other and our beloved country, Malawi.

“As government, we will not engage in item-by-item response with the clergy in public. Instead, we will not get tired utilizing the engagements that we do have with the clergy from time to time,” responds Kunkuyu.

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