BCC to come harsh on open burning by-laws – Capital Radio Malawi
21 April, 2024

The Blantyre City Council (BCC) is disclosing that it is finalising the review process for its various by-laws including those on waste management and city rates.

Currently, Malawi has been hit by a heatwave emanating from the effects of climate change and some environmentalists have linked the weather conditions to existing gaps in waste management.

Speaking inside Capital FM’s “Living in Gehenna” documentary series on Saturday, BCC’s assistant director of health and social services Alijeao Nyemera noted that some penalties are too low to trigger mindset change.

“They are high hopes that a review of the penalties will go a long way to motivate the public to adhere to the by-laws on waste management. Our current open burning penalties attracts a K2,000 fine which is too minimal to serve as a deterrent,” lamented.

She however lamented that the outdated laws which provides for lesser punishment have affected the enforcement of the by-laws especially on open burning.

“We use the Local Government Act 2003 whereby we have Blantyre City Council by-laws. So, open burning is not allowed that is why we discourage it at household levels as well as at dumpsites because it is hazardous to human health and the environmental,” explained Nyemera.

However, Nyemera admitted that most of the communities are not aware of the by-laws.

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