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4 March, 2024

Expected to return to parliament on Wednesday

President Lazarus Chakwera has a daunting task to explain to Malawians his administration’s efforts that will fix the economy as he opens the 2024/2025 budget meeting.

President Chakwera is expected to make a State of the Nation Address-SONA at parliament building in Lilongwe on Friday.

The SONA comes at a time governance, economic and social commentators have rated poorly the government’s performance in fighting corruption, fixing the economy and implementing the Affordable Inputs Program-AIP.

Concerns also continue to be raised on a lack of essential drugs in public hospitals.

John Kapito Consumers Association of Malawi-CAMA executive director stresses that life has become unbearable for most Malawians.

“It is sad that there is no disposable income, prices of goods and services keep soaring, the public has resorted to eating mangoes, wild tubers and maize husks because they cannot manage to buy food products including maize which is too high to purchase,” lamented Kapito.

Weighing in his views Michael Kaiyatsa who is the executive director of the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) stresses that this session of parliament is very important as it can make or break the current administration.

“We expect that the president should focus on the hunger situation which is getting worse, high cost of living, austerity measures, we want an update of how much have we saved and what such resources have been used for,” stressed the CHRR boss.

This will be the 4th meeting in the 50th session of parliament which will run from 9 February to 5th April.

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