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22 July, 2024

Minister advises on afforestation

Matola planting a tree

Communities residing in areas along streams that feed the Shire river have been advised to protect trees as a way of sustaining the water flow.

Energy minister Ibrahim Matola made the sentiments at the official launch of 2024 EGENCO Tree Planting Season at Lisungwi CDSS in Neno district.

Rivers that feed the Shire River which is vital in hydropower generation have been under threat of drying up owed to deforestation.

“We rely on hydro-electric energy which is produced using the Shire which is fed by Phazi and Lisungwi River. Deforestation has contributed to drying conditions of these water sources and this negatively impacts power generation,” Matola said.

He added that: “We have hope that the 2024 EGENCO tree planting initiative will inspire communities around the rivers to conserve forest resources.”

While acknowledging the crucial role which trees along rivers play in hydro-power generation, EGENCO chief executive officer Maxon Chitawo asserts his company will continue helping communities sustain the 5,000 newly planted trees.

“The trees along the tributaries will help the flow of water into the main Shire River hence the boost in power production,”  said Chitawo.

Apart from the 5, 000 tree planted around Lisungwi CDSS, the Electricity Generation Company – EGENCO reveals that it plans on distributing about 35, 000 tree seedlings to communities residing near tributaries.

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