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18 June, 2024

Govt faulted for ‘politicising maize distribution’

Suleman: This is wrong

Parliament is accusing the Executive of disregarding its advice concerning the current maize situation whereby some Malawians are at risk of hunger due to exorbitant pricing of the staple grain.

According to Parliament’s agriculture committee, the government is politicizing distribution of the grain through President Chakwera’s political rallies instead of making it available in ADMARC depots across the country.

Committee chairperson Sameer Suleman describes this as an unfortunate stating that the staple grain is supposed to be available for all regardless of their location or tribe.

Suleman further accuses the ministry of agriculture of purportedly withholding the staple grain.

“What we have noted of late is that the little maize that we have in our stocks is now being used for political milage on the part of government. If you now want to be given maize or to be able to buy the staple grain, then you should go and beg the minister or the president in order for you and your people to get it.

“This is wrong and it is not what is supposed to be happening. Maize is supposed to be flooded in all Admarc depots. Malawians should be able to access maize regardless of where they are coming from.” Suleman said.

Meanwhile, the committee has vowed to take the matter to Parliament in the next sitting and later summon the minister of agriculture to highlight and explain on the claims.

Government officials are yet to comment on the development.

Prices of maize in Malawi have increased drastically with a kilogram of being sold as high as K1,000 from the initial projection of K486 and K870 per the same quantity from June 2023 to March 2024.

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