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13 June, 2024

ACM Eyes Owning Cargo Airline

Air Cargo Malawi Limited representatives at an interface meeting with the parliamentary committee on transport and public infrastructure.

Representatives of Air Cargo Malawi Limited have asked parliament to help them lobby the government to acquire an Air Operators Certificate.

The certificate will enable Air Cargo Malawi Limited to establish its own Cargo Airline and maximize its potential in the airline sector.

According to the company’s board chairman Felix Tandwe, the certificate will also help the company to grow its revenue base and make a significant contribution to the country’s economy.

The company representatives recently had an interface with the parliamentary committee on transport and public infrastructure.

“We came here to persuade members of parliament to support our quest to acquire Air Operators Certificate, from the business plan that we came up with, we need funding about MK2.4 billion for us to operate with the AOC,” Tandwe said.

Adding “We have two options, the first being to get financing from the government and the second option is for the government to allow us approach banks to borrow funds. With the way we have formulated our business plan we will be able to pay back the money in 3 years.”

Meanwhile, chairperson of parliamentary committee on transport and public infrastructure Enock Phale believes the company’s plea is valid and has since committed to engage the Treasury and Ministry of Transport to bail them out.

“We are immediately engaging the Ministry of Transport and Public Works to find out if they already have plans to help them secure Air Operators Certificate and we are also engaging the Secretary to Treasury because they need financing for all this to happen,” Phale explained.

Air Cargo Malawi Limited was established under the Companies Act in 1979, a subsidiary of the then national airline Air Malawi but became an  independent entity following the liquidation of Air Malawi in 2012.

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