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22 July, 2024

Malawi reiterates support on Palestine

Under attack: Gaza

Lilongwe continues to show solidarity over Palestine as the Israel-Gaza war continues.

As part of commemorating the International Day in Solidarity for Palestine People, some Malawians gathered in Blantyre on Sunday where they made calls for Israel to stop fighting Gaza.

The event which was organized by Malawi-Palestine Solidarity Movement and the Gift of the Giver Foundation was among others aimed at creating awareness about challenges faced by Palestines and condemn the war which they described as ‘clear violations of international law’ by Israel.

Speaking after a series of engagements which included watching of documentaries on matters happening in Gaza, Malawi-Palestine Solidarity Movement national coordinator Asabuni Phiri said the engagement was part of dismissing misinformation surrounding the war.

“There is misinformation out there that the war in Palestine is between Christians and Muslims. So, we have been reminding people that this war is between the oppressor and the oppressed.

“What we want is a free Palestine. People who are here will help us to raise awareness about the matter wherever they will go,” highlighted Phiri.

On her part, Sherifa Mia, country manager for Gift of the Givers Foundation said: “As an organisation, our aim is to end the suffering of the people of Palestine. If you look at the numbers, over six thousand children have been killed and over four thousand women have been killed. What wrong did they do?”

Mia added that: “As a humanitarian organisation, we are doing all we can to support the people in Palestine. As Malawian leaders and the world at large, we need to look into this matter as very serious. They need to bring back their humanity and look at what is happening with an objective eye. The Palestinians are humans and not animals.”

Israel’s attack on Gaza was launched in October this year on grounds that they (Israel) wanted to fight an Islamist militant group, Hamas, which controls Gaza, after fighters crossed into Israel on October 7.

Latest BBC reports indicate that almost 18,000 people have been killed at last count – according to the Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza.

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