King Charles to make state visit to Kenya – Capital Radio Malawi
23 April, 2024

King Charles to make state visit to Kenya

King Charles will acknowledge the “painful aspects” of the UK’s history with Kenya when he makes a state visit to the East African country next month, his office says.

He will be joined by Camilla when he flies to Kenya following an invitation from President William Ruto, whose country is celebrating the 60th anniversary of its independence from Britain.

Kenya won independence from the UK in 1963 and the two nations have enjoyed a close relationship since.

Not forgotten, however, is the violent colonial legacy of the Mau Mau uprising which led to a period known as the Emergency.

Chris Fitzgerald, deputy private secretary to the King, said: “The King and Queen’s programme will celebrate the close links between the British and Kenyan people in areas such as the creative arts, technology, enterprise, education and innovation.

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