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24 September, 2023

CSO query maize availability in Malawi

Chodzi: We want to see what is there

The Forum for National Development (FND) is expected to make an assessment on the availability of maize in ADMARC markets next week.

The initiative by the Civil Society Organisation comes amid reports of scarcity of maize in the State-owned depots.

“We can only have a clear picture of the availability of maize once we visit the ADMARC markets. For now we do not believe in what is being said,’’ stressed Fryson Chodzi who is the FND national coordinator.

However, Chodzi commended the authorities for opening the markets which he argues have helped to reduce the maize price and also give people an option on where to access the commodity.

Reports indicate that some members of the public are forced to spend nights in ADMARC markets following the scarcity of the staple grain.

Currently, a kilogram of maize is being sold at K600 per kilogram and consumers are only allowed to purchase 25 kilograms of maize.

Vendors are selling the commodity between K30,000 and K40,000 per 50-kilogram bag.

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