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13 June, 2024

AWOME South empowers Malawi women in media to combat workplace harassment

Group photo with members of AWOME South and officials from National Bank of Malawi and Reserve Bank of Malawi.

The Association of Women in Media (AWOME) is dedicated to creating a safer working space for women in the industry.

On Saturday, members of the Association’s Southern Chapter hosted a get-together where they shared tips on navigating the industry and dealing with sexual abuse in the workplace.

The day-long event, held in Chikwawa, also featured talks on investments and strengthening the central bank’s relationship with the media through presentations from sponsors National Bank of Malawi and Reserve Bank Malawi.

Speaking at the event, AWOME South Chairperson Dorothy Kachitsa explained that the discussion was primarily chosen to empower women to speak up when faced with various forms of abuse in the workplace.

She said, “We thought that as women in media, we are facing sexual harassment issues in our respective workplaces, and we wanted to highlight the topic to empower women so they do not remain silent when harassed.”

Seasoned journalist Mbauwo Chavula, who also shared her own experiences throughout the decades in the industry, stressed that the issue of harassment is affecting newsrooms across the country despite people not wanting to talk about it.

 She described the AWOME event as a good way of empowering women with knowledge and urged to break the silence and seek necessary assistance when harassed.

“Most people still do not know that they have laws and that there are tools available to help and protect them. And this applies to both men and women,” Chavula added.

The AWOME South Chapter’s event served as a significant step toward empowering women in the media industry to address and combat workplace harassment, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and solidarity in creating safer work environments for all.

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