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22 September, 2023

Govt challenged to provide proof of ‘botched AIP deal’ payment

Dzonzi: It is not wrong to seek the right information

A legal guru is backing calls for Germany to confirm if indeed the funds that Malawi lost in a botched 2022 AIP fertiliser deal involving a British-based butchery firm have been reimbursed.

It follows the government’s declaration last week that the Munich chief public prosecutor’s office in Germany had returned K516 million of the swindled K750 million.

While some critics fear the move could tarnish the Malawi’s image, legal think-tank Justice Link’s Justin Dzonzi stresses that correct information only would clear any lingering doubts among Malawians.

“It is not wrong to seek the right information in case of doubt or if a lie is perceived. We should not forget that public funds were lost, so, proof of payment has to be made public.” Hinted Dzonzi.

Recently, the Forum for National Development director Fryson Chodzi said it was doubtful if the purported letter confirming the transfer of funds came from the Germany government hence the need for confirmation.

“We can’t just take word of mouth that the money will be remitted without proof. We also demand that those responsible be held accountable. If public funds are stolen, prosecution has to follow even if the funds are returned.”

However, a former diplomat Ziliro Chibambo is against the move to demand proof of payment arguing it has the potential to tarnish the image of the country.

“Those asking for proof from the government are wrong and they have to wait until authorities provide the needed evidence. Demanding the information direct from Germany can dent the image of the country.” Said Chibambo.

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