ADMARC banks on community to prevent illegal vending – Capital Radio Malawi
29 November, 2023

ADMARC banks on community to prevent illegal vending

ADMARC officials are describing community members as very crucial in providing security for the grain and its members of staff during the ongoing sales of maize in all markets.

This follows the resumption of maize sale by the grain marketers largely in many parts of the southern region as the first phase of the process.

The sales have come as a big relief to consumers who were forced to buy expensive maize from private traders.

Maize prices could go as high as K40,000 per 50 kilogram bag.

However, there are fears that the same private traders would flood the ADMARC and illegally buy off the maize before they could resale the same to consumers at exorbitant prices.

The grain marketer is selling the maize at K600 per kilogram.

Speaking at Goliati ADMARC depot on Thursday, general manager for the grain marketer Dan Makata disclosed that; “through different structures, community members will be required to play their role because they know each other within the area. This is why we are working in close collaboration with them in their respective locations so that they can easily detect these vendors and isolate them from rightful people to buy the maize.”

Makata added that; “each individual will be allowed to buy a maximum of about 25 kilogram which is only for consumption, hence giving no room for private traders from accessing the grain.”

About 700 bags weighing 50 kilograms were supplied at Goliati ADMARC during the opening of the market on Thursday.

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