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21 July, 2024

Police to search properties confiscated during the refugee relocation

Confirmed the development -Kalaya

The police are scheduled to open and search 125 containers confiscated during the relocation exercise of refugees.

The exercise scheduled for Monday will be supervised by an independent and competent court of law to ensure transparency.

This follows a court order which gave direction on how such containers should be disposed of.

The police suspect that the confiscated containers contain equipment which is instrumental for the commission of various crimes.

Peter Kalaya, national police spokesperson, stresses that the exercise will be witnessed by independent stakeholders who have been appointed by the court.

“In the spirit of transparency and accountability, MPS invite all bonafide owners of the said containers to voluntarily report to National Police Headquarters and Mgona Market and be present during the force-opening exercise which will be starting 9 am.” He said

The refugees have been suspected to have been involved in criminal activities across the country.

The crimes suspected to have been committed include; illegal possession of firearms, foreign currencies, illegal purchase of minerals for printing out fake currencies, illegal purchase of minerals, agricultural produce, second hand goods and scrap metals.

The police are further warning owners of the containers who will fail to identify them they will dispose them off.

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