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21 July, 2024

LWB, JICA team up to reduce non-revenue water

Tambara (right) making a speech during the event

The Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) are stepping up efforts to reduce non-revenue water through a joint technical operation.

Non-revenue water has become a great challenge as the water board are losing over one million cubic meters of water annually, which is equivalent to K15 billion of money lost.

LWB chief executive officer Silli Mbewe adds that most of the water is getting lost through burst pipes followed by illegal water connections.

“We have an aged infrastructure and at times vandalism of the pipes is giving way to water losses. Nevertheless, we are strengthening our capacity in partnership with JICA to help minimize the losses.” Highlighted Mbewe.

JICA chief representative Kazuhiro Tambara hopes the partnership with LWB will help to improve efficiency and continue to help in minimizing water losses.

Tambara has since expressed confidence in LWB’s capacity building process that has taken place over the past three years arguing it is key to minimizing water losses.

Director of water supply services in the ministry of water and sanitation Prince Mleta has since applauded JICA for stepping in to help the board improve its efficiency.

Mleta has since pledged to support all the five water boards in dealing with non-revenue water.

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