Lack of maize bran reduces milk production – Capital Radio Malawi
21 February, 2024

Lack of maize bran reduces milk production

Milk is being produced in low quantities

Malawi has been hit by a significant milk shortage attributed to apparent scarcity of maize bran which is a major component in animal feed production.

The milk shortage has since forced some supermarkets to start rationing the product with customers only allowed to purchase five packets at a go.

Malawi Milk Producers Association – MMPA national coordinator, Herbert Chigona, predicts a likely drop this year.

“The way the situation is on the ground at the moment, less milk will be produced this year which will work to the disadvantage of the farmers.”

The national coordinator for the umbrella organization of the three regional dairy associations in the country has however expressed concern that milk contamination is reported to be affecting the export of the product.

‘’It is sad that locally produced milk is failing to qualify for export as a result of contamination. We have currently intensified animal husbandly practices which will help to improve the quality of livestock and milk.” Added Chigona.

Last year, the country produced 67.1 million litres of milk.

The Malawi Milk Producers Association has the Shire Highland Milk Producers Association, the Central Region Milk Producers Association and the Mpoto Dairy Farmers Association as its subsidiaries.

The total membership of MMPA stands at 17,000 members, mostly small holder dairy farmers with one or two dairy cows each.

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