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23 May, 2024

Kawawa: We are very much satisfied

National Bank of Malawi Plc officials are speaking highly of their Kasupe Finance accounts.

Launched two years ago, the service was designed for village banks which operate as a group and officially registered as a trust or partnership.

Among others, eligible village banks are those that have operated for at least a year and keep records of their financial transactions and have a maximum of 30 members.

Speaking on Thursday during an interaction which the bank held in Blantyre with customers of such accounts, the institution’s chief executive officer Macfussy Kawawa revealed that the bank has managed to disburse at least K10.7 billion in the last two years.

“We have seen a significant growth in terms of the membership, the Village Banks which have come to open accounts and we are talking of billions which have so far been borrowed. We are very much satisfied.” Stressed Kawawa.

Kawawa (L) giving a gift to a Kasupe Finance member from Ndirande Township

On her part, Angela Kacherenga who is a member of Women of Virtue group described Kasupe Finance as helpful tool for developing small scale businesses.

“We have accessed loans from National Bank more than once and we have increased our business capacity through the trainings which the bank provides us with. The initiative is very beneficial to uplifting our socioeconomic lives,” she highlighted.

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