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18 June, 2024

ESCOM for improved customer service delivery

Mwala (right) with an ESCOM officials during the event

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi – ESCOM has assured Malawians of improved customer service delivery.

The institution’s Southern Regional Manager Gilbert Chodzaza made the pledge in Blantyre during a customer service training of the Corporation’s employees from across the country.

The training which was facilitated by Sycamore Consult Limited was attended to by over 360 employees in the faults department, call centre department as well as those in the customer service department.

This is the fourth cohort of ESCOM employees to be trained on improved service delivery.

According to Chodzaza, the corporation is aware of the complaints on customer service provision hence the decision to train the employees.

He said: “Customers have been complaining that our services have not been good and as an institution, ESCOM would like to change its image hence the reason for organising this event.

We believe this is the time for us to improve the experiences of our customers and that we should be able to engage them better at any given time.”

Meanwhile, managing director for Sycamore Consult Limited Audrey Mwala emphasized on the importance of quality customer service provision for business sustainability.

“A customer is the biggest boss of any organisation. People think that the chief executive officer or the director is the boss but that is not true because those seniors can be fired by the customer.

If a customer decides to look for other services away from you, that means the entity will collapse and the top bosses or anybody else at the institution may be shown an exit door.” She stressed.

On his part, Fatsani Kuweluza, who is one of the employees at ESCOM’s Lilongwe office expressed commitment to change after attending to the training.

“The training has been so beneficial. Sycamore Consult has provided us with what we have been lacking for so long and I hope I and my fellow workmates will change and improve for better service provision to our customers.” Kaweruza narrated.

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