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24 July, 2024

Qadria Muslims lobby for capacity building in moon sighting

Islamic authorities are expressing concern over the continued heavy reliance on foreign bodies for moon sighting at the expense of local abilities.

Misunderstandings have prevailed in recent years among the local faithful regarding the sighting of the moon which determines the start and end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

There have been concerns that overreliance on foreign information especially from Saud Arabia affects the fixing of local public holiday’s to commemorate such events.

Qadria Muslim Association of Malawi’s publicity secretary Abubakar Panchi stressed in an interview, the need for Muslim leaders to unite and build local moon sighting capacity.

“We are encouraging every Muslim across the country to practice local moon sighting, hence avoiding disturbances and confusions, let’s not forget that it is ibadah to practice moon sighting hence we (should) teach our children in our homes about moon sighting.

“Support one moon one Eid to build the Malawi Umar. Let’s unite and build local moon sighting capacity, let’s work together: Sheikhs, Madrassa pupils, Ulama and every Muslim in Malawi,” Panchi said.

Last year, contradicting reports on moon sighting almost confused some Muslims, as some believed the moon had been sighted elsewhere before realising it was not true.

The Islamic teachings highly recommend moon sighting to be done from natural high points like hills and mountain peaks.

There have however been debate and divisions over use of modern equipment like advanced telescopes to sight the crescent moon.

But others support use of high powered telescopes when there are weather conditions that may compromise natural sighting, or to confirm natural sightings.

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