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22 July, 2024

Member of Parliament for Zomba Central, Bester Awali, is challenging the government to look into the influx of foreign nationals, which he claims are taking over the trade industry by ripping off locals.

His remarks come at a time when natives are raising concern over their failure to penetrate the market.

Speaking in Parliament, Awali expressed worry that the proceeds made by foreigners are not promoting the country’s economy.

According to Awali the trend also applies in the mining sector where most of the investors are of foreign origin as opposed to Malawians.

He said that the Reserve Bank of Malawi, which is the sole buyer, has only managed has only managed to buy 186 kilograms of gold from all sites.

Awali-calls for controls

“Our minerals are not well protected and are free for all and all the sites we visited, we only met foreigners, there is an influx of foreigners Madam Speaker” said Awali.

He underscores the need to ensure that the regulation of this sector is fast-tracked in order to sanitize the market.

On trade he worries that there is no trade balance as farm produce are only stocked in bulks by foreigners.

He lamented that Malawi is not benefitting from the exports these foreigners are making because the proceeds are not brought back into the country.

His concern comes at a time when there have also been worries over the infiltration in city market of refugees and asylum seekers.

The argument has always been that they take over business that that should be done by small scale locals.

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