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21 July, 2024

Give rural farmers good roads, expert says

A road in rural Phalombe,-pic by CFM

An Agriculture analyst is imploring the authorities to prioritize maintenance of roads that connect rural farmers to major markets across the country.

The sentiments by Tamani Nkhono Mvula come following concerns raised by Member of Parliament for Mwanza Central NicolasDausi who expressed worry that farmers in his area are unable to access markets during rainy season as roads become impassable.

People from Mwanza district, one of the major fruit producing districts, have issued an outcry to the roads authorities to intervene by maintaining roads that connect farms to markets within their areas as well as other cities outside the district

The Mwanza Central Constituency legislators said most of the roads in his area are impassable during the rainy season, a development that affects farmers who ferry their crops.

Dausi accused District council officials responsible for road construction and maintenance of being complacent, as they are failing to address the challenge.

 “We were assured late last year that the roads would be tarmacked. Roads from Mwanza boma, Chithumbwi, Chabweza just to mention a few, have not been rehabilitated as per assurance from the local councils,” Dausi explained.

Roads like theses are a great concern to farmers

Commenting on such concerns NkhonoMvulahasinsisted on the importance of Road construction in rural areas, arguing it is key to profit maximisation for small and medium scale famers.

“It is very important for road authorities to prioritize roads in farming areas, because this will motivate farmers to among others grow products that are of good quality because they know transportation to major markets will not be a problem”

He added that “you would expect that such matters would be treated with urgency since we are talking of agriculture reliant people”.

Recently, Ministry of roads and public works assured the citizenry that rehabilitation and reconstruction works will resume once the rainy season ends.

However a cloud of doubts is still hanging over the heads of the local farmers on whether or not the ministry will honour its commitment to refurbish roads in the rural areas where most farmers are located.

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