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19 April, 2024

Parties must go for early conventions-Commentator

Political parties will fail to achieve the 50+1 should they not have adequate time to sell their candidates and also convince more voters to cast their vote, governance commentator has warned.

Speaking to Capital FM a local socio-political commentator George Phiri, has pointed out that for that to be achieved conventions should either be conducted this year or early next year.

Some potential voters have already started indicating unwillingness to vote in the 2025 elections insisting that politicians always take them for granted.

The disgruntled voters argue that a majority of things that the politicians promised during the last election are yet to be fulfilled.

This according to critics may lead to voter apathy a situation that will result in no party achieving the required votes.

Phiri has said that the choice of candidates may be another contributing factor to voter apathy hence the need to appeal to the electorate.

“Political parties need to consider the strength of the leader they would want to consider as their torch bearer, for instance is he/she able to articulate the manifesto and also how to implement it,’’ he said.

Political parties according to Phiri should also discuss in advance how they will share the cake once they are elected.

“We have seen within the Tonse Alliance some parties disassociating with it, hence the parties if considering an alliance or a coalition should discuss what will happen in case they win the election’’.

Malawi will go to the polls in May 2025, and various political parties are expected to start holding their conventions this year.

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