Turkey Earthquake:14 more Malawians affected – Capital Radio Malawi
24 July, 2024

Turkey Earthquake:14 more Malawians affected

As rescue and recovery teams continue hunting for survivors and bodies under the tons of collapsed buildings in both Turkey and Syria, 14 more Malawians have been found by the country’s foreign office.

As of Wednesday last week the Malawi Embassy in Berlin had managed to find 8 Malawians that had been affected by the devastating earthquake.

Speaking to Capital FM, spokesperson in the ministry of foreign affairs John Kabaghe confirmed that the number of Malawi nationals affected by earthquakes has risen to 22.

According to Kabaghe, there are still no fatalities that have been reported involving the Malawians.

Those affected according to Kabaghe, are being housed in temporary shelters as their houses are inhabitable.

The Malawi Embassy in Berlin is continuing with it’s search and rescue mission.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria last week has left over 33 000 people dead.

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