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15 April, 2024

Eli Njuchi tests positive for Covid-19, cancels valentine’s show

Local dancehall music sensation Eli Njuchi, has cancelled his planned performance after being diagnosed with Covid-19.

The artist has confirmed the news through his Twitter account.

“On a sad note, i have to cancel the Valentines Concert. From last Saturday, almost everyone in my team were feeling body pains and a slight flue, later it escalated to coughs & intense headaches. We took it lightly as we said its just a flu and cough, it will go,” Eli narrated.

The youthful star has narrated that the sickness which started as a mere flue and cough with one person, spread to his whole team.

After tests were done, three people in his crew including himself tested positive and are now in isolation.

“Me and 2 guys from the team were found with Covid. Been given 3-7 days of isolation hence the cancellation of the concert. Its disappointing to be here but everyone’s safety is important,” Eli said.

The Gugugu hit maker was scheduled to perform on Valentine’s Day at Ufulu Gardens in Lilongwe.

The artist has since disclosed that following the cancellation, fans that already purchased tickets for the event will be refunded.

Feeling compassion for his fans that showed support and looked forward to the event Eli said; “Apologies to all that will be inconvenienced by this, everyone who got tickets will/have been communicated for refunds”.

Of late Covid-19 has resurfaced in the country, with minimal confirmed cases being recoding on a daily basis.

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