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4 March, 2024

Adoption of advanced efficient lighting tubes to cut power consumption

Malawi is set to save around 9.3 megawatts of power once all fluorescent tubes currently in use are replaced with advanced efficient lighting tubes.

The revelation by follows the launch of a project aimed at replacing some 415 000 fluorescent tubes – the first phase of which is already underway in all government and public buildings.

Phase two will involve replacement of fluorescent tubes with more energy efficient LED tubes among targeted commercial and industrial customers.

Among others, the advanced LED tube saves 60 % of lighting costs and can last for 15 years once installed.

The growth in demand for electricity has not been matched by corresponding increase in capacity due to high population growth and under investment in electricity generation.

Electricity lighting was estimated to account for around 30 % of power in the country.

ESCOM is currently forced to load-shed daily, an average of around 80 megawatts due to the huge demand for electricity.

The Corporation is currently meeting the private sector with the aimed of creating awareness among customers on the importance of the project.

The first meeting has already been held in Blantyre, with similar meetings expected to take place in the central and northern regions.

Speaking during the Blantyre meeting Energy Minister Ibrahim Matola said adoption of such technologies can have significant impact on the country’s power supply and distribution.

“It is high time the public embraced the new initiative as they are not costly and have a longer life span unlike other tubes,’’ Matola said.

Matola further added that the tubes can last four times more than ordinary tubes and they offer clear day-light color and no flickering as they are good for reading and workplace.

Meanwhile, ESCOM’s Senior Manager for Commercial and Customer Services, Wiseman Kabwazi, has singled out reduced electricity bills as one benefit of making the switch.

“Those switching to the advanced lighting tubes will have 40% of their monthly bills reduced,” said Kabwazi.

ESCOM and the government of Malawi started implementing the Energy Efficient Lighting project back in 2011, with an aim to replace ordinary incandescent bulbs with Energy Saver Bulbs.

Over the years, ESCOM has continued to fund implementation of Energy Efficient Lighting projects to effectively manage the Demand-supply gap, with the introduction of more efficient lighting technology using Light Emitting Diodes-LED.

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