Legal Aid Bureau ‘frees’ homicide remandees – Capital Radio Malawi
22 July, 2024

Legal Aid Bureau ‘frees’ homicide remandees

The High Court in Lilongwe has granted bail to 19 homicide remandees who have been at Maula Prison for a period between one and seven years without their trial commencing in court.

10 of the 19 were granted bail on Thursday the 25th, while 9 were granted bail on Wednesday the 26th.

The court process was carried out by Legal Aid Bureau with assistance from the Paralegal Advisory Services Institute (PASI) after noting that prisons have a lot of people on remand whose cases are not being pursued.

The 19 that have recently been granted bail include 42-year-old Lazaro Banda who is suspected to have caused the death of his wife but his case has not been in court since his arrest in 2015.

Senior Legal Aid Advocate Ruth Harawa has pointed out that one more remandee has his bail ruling pending and the court has directed that the rest will have their sureties examined by the Assistant Registrar of the High Court.

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