Malawi government courts WHO on Cholera vaccine procurement – Capital Radio Malawi
30 November, 2023

Malawi government courts WHO on Cholera vaccine procurement

WHO Emergencies director Salam Gueye and Health Minister Khumbize Chiponda and WHO Country rep Neema Kimambo,-pic by WHO

Health authorities are engaging the World Health Organisation-WHO for possible support to procure a batch of the Oral Cholera Vaccine following a depletion of stocks in facilities across the country.

News that Malawi has run out of Cholera vaccines stocks is likely going to create fear and panic amongst the general populace due to the current rise in cases of the diarrhoeal disease.

About 29,500 cholera cases have been registered with more than 970 deaths since March last year.

In the last 24 hours the country registered 30 deaths, the highest death toll in a day since the outbreak began.

Malawi’s last receipt of the serum was in November where 2.9 million doses came into the country following a sharp increase in cases.

Co-chairperson of the Presidential Taskforce on Covid19 and Cholera, Wilfred Chalamira Nkhoma indicates that while they acknowledge depletion of the country’s vaccine stocks, they are continuing to engage the WHO for further support.

Meanwhile, health rights advocate and Executive Director for the Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN) George Jobe, has called upon the WHO to make a special consideration for Malawi as it battles the outbreak.

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