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24 July, 2024

FUM calls for early start of next AIP

The Farmers Union of Malawi has Challenged Agriculture authorities to ensure early commencement of processes leading up to next year’s Affordable Input Program-AIP.

FUM comes as this year’s AIP continues to face hurdles which the union believes could have been avoided if preparation had started early.

In a statement, FUM PresidentManess Nkhata underscores the need for authorities to engage the farmers themselves when coming up with reforms regarding the program during the next farming season.

On the current challenges, she recommends that the government introduces mobile selling points to ensure speedy delivery of fertilizer, provide weekly updates on the status of AIP implementation to farmers and ensure that all forms of corruption are dealt with decisively.

This year’s AIP program has been marred by irregularities including limited accessibility due to few and remotely placed selling points, frequent stock outs and poor restocking rates of fertilizer and demand for additional money when farmers make purchases.

Nkhata is of the view that if preparations for next year’s AIP are started early enough, the government will be able to immediately address the challenges as they come.

The Affordable Input Programme was launched in 2020 and this is its third season running under President Lazarus Chakwera’s regime.

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