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22 June, 2024

Corruption has increased in Malawi -Afrobarometer

The latest Afrobarometer report shows that 66% of Malawians believe corruption has risen this year.

The preliminary Afrobarometer R9 data from 20 countries shows that a majority of citizens hold the belief that corruption increased in their countries.

The survey also looked at how governments utilised Covid funds in their respective nations at the peak of the fight against the pandemic.

In Malawi, 69% of respondents say a huge percentage of the Covid funds were lost to corruption.

The revelations is coming at a time there are high cases of corruption which have exposed high levels of looting of public funds, and kickbacks going around the rank and file of the Tonse Administration.

It also reveals that whistle blowers are not safe in Malawi, as they are at high risk of retaliation.

The Malawi Police Services remains on the list of highly corrupt entities.

It has been established that among Malawians who requested help from the police, 62% said it was difficult to get assisted.

40% say they had to pay a bribe to get assistance.

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